Christopher Bullock


  1. Christ Church

    Christ Church Evangelical CovenantBased out of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, Christ Church is passionate about helping the surrounding community.  I designed a site that would be modern and easy to maintain.

    This included writing a custom Drupal module to handle XML data from a third party and output it into a calendar that would change format depending upon the width of the page.

    Work In Progress ...
  2. URI GSO

    University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography WebsiteI was tasked with developing a Drupal theme for the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography.  This theme had to comply with a strict brand provided by the University, but I was allowed some freedom to play with the design.

    Modifications I made to the branding included moving the university wide drop down menu to the top of the page to make room for a school specific drop down menu beneath the header image, a change which was later incorporated into the current branding of the university.

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  3. Census of Marine Life

    Census of Marine LifeThe Census of Marine life was a decade long international effort to quantify the world’s marine species.

    My task was to maintain, develop and design for the site’s Drupal content management system.  I redesigned the front page to signify the completion of the Census and upgraded the video gallery.

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